Women-Led Wednesday

Women-Led Wednesday is THE day to shop women-led and women-owned.



Women-Led Wednesday is THE day to shop women-led and women-owned.

Women-Led Wednesday is an annual purpose-driven holiday that encourages consumers to shop women-led businesses. Think Small Business Saturday, but with a special focus on women-led businesses.

Women drive the majority of consumer spending through a combination of buying power and influence, which was clearly proven with this summer’s economy-boosting Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, P!nk, and the ‘Barbie’ movie. Wild Rye, women's active lifestyle apparel brand and founder of the initiative, is encouraging consumers to continue this powerful reign of the “female dollar” by shopping women-led brands during the sixth annual Women-Led Wednesday and beyond.

“Women are craving content, products and experiences that are specifically made for and about them,” said Cassie Abel, Women-Led Wednesday and Wild Rye Founder. “Among Fortune 500 CEOs in 2023, still only 10-percent are women, and wide-scale policies and legislation continue to restrict women’s rights and equal opportunity. The goal behind Women-Led Wednesday has always been to encourage consumers to create systematic change by being intentional with their spending habits.”

To celebrate Women Led Wednesday we are offering $100 off any of our 2024 trips. Use code WLW2023 when checking out!


We believe in the power of #WomenSupportingWomen.

AdventurUs Women is a woman & LGBTQ+ owned company. As a company and a community, AdventurUs Women is intent on supporting other women both in their outdoor journey and as professionals.

To that end, we commit to promoting and partnering with companies that are owned and operated by women. By prioritizing hiring women guides, developing robust community standards at our events, and committing to ongoing learning about social justice and inequity, we are committed to creating an inclusive space at AdventurUs Women, and to be advocating for access and inclusion in outdoor recreation at large.


Through collective purchasing power and voice we will create a gender-balanced economy. 

Global Economic Influence:

Women control a substantial portion of the world's wealth and consumer spending. According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2018, women were estimated to control about $39 trillion in consumer spending globally.

Decision-Making Power:

Women often play a crucial role in household purchasing decisions. A study by Forbes in 2019 found that women were the primary decision-makers in a range of consumer categories, including 85% of household purchases, 91% of new homes, and 92% of vacations.

Digital Influence:

Women are highly influential in the digital space. A survey conducted by FleishmanHillard in 2019 found that 91% of women in the United States believed they influenced the decisions of friends and family in various product categories.


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If you are reading this and are considering joining us in 2024 -  we hope that today is the day that you say, “HELL YEAH let's do this!” knowing that by choosing to join us on a magical adventure for yourself, you are also starting that ripple effect  - supporting a women-owned business, supporting all the amazing women we hire, and supporting a gender balanced economy. Let's make some waves!


We also wanted to give a shout out to some of our favorite women-led brands, Krimson Klover, Caminito, Noelle Miller Art! Learn more here.