Why, hello there! You want to know more about AdventurUs Women and how it came to be? I am happy to share.


Why, hello there! You want to know more about AdventurUs Women and how it came to be? I am happy to share. Read on for the AdventurUs story…


I have been working in the outdoor industry for over a decade and in that time I’ve worn a variety of hats: marketing, brand management, partnership strategy, project manager, event planning, educator, and guide. All of these roles have all been extremely satisfying, but I am happiest when I can directly help facilitate people getting outdoors and provide space for them to learn, have fun and become independent in their outdoor journey. Seeing the “aha” moments and the sense of accomplishment when someone does something they never thought possible; talking through the moments that feel like failure, and addressing the fear that comes with being outside of your comfort zone; sharing the quiet moments on trail, next to that alpine lake or relaxing at camp where you just get to take it all in and realize what a gift it is to be outdoors. This is why I do what I do. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to work on and facilitate events and classes just for women and I’ve realized, this is something I really love.

In January, I embarked on a Great Big Journey, and on this journey, I decided to listen to my heart and take my years as an educator, my knowledge of the outdoors, my love of organizing events, and one of my deepest sources of joy – taking care of others – and focus on developing my vision – AdventurUs Women.


I created AdventurUs Women because I want to create the opportunity for as many women as possible to have access to the outdoors while in the company of other women. I want to provide an opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds to learn and experience outdoor sports in beautiful environments. I know, firsthand, that outdoor sports can be intimidating and may seem impossible to access on your own. I created AdventurUs Women to provide safe learning environments that encourage friendship and skill building while connecting with nature in iconic locales.

At the end of the day, the AdventurUs Women team wants to make sure that if you want to get outdoors in the good company of like-minded women that the opportunity exists. As a company and a community, we are intent on supporting other women both in their outdoor journey and as professionals. To that end, whenever it is possible, we commit to promoting and partnering with companies that are owned and operated by women.


We are working towards these goals through our Facebook Group where women can find and share opportunities to get outdoors and by launching the first of our own events, the AdventurUs Women Escape Event Series @ LOGE Camps.

And so there you have it, AdventurUs Women – We hope to provide access to as many opportunities for women to get outdoors as possible. We hope you join us.