As a small business owner and someone who has worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade,


As a small business owner and someone who has worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade, I am happy to announce I have signed onto the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge.

Signing the pledge is important to me because I strongly believe everyone should have access and the right to safe and welcoming outdoors experiences, from your local park to the backcountry. This will not happen passively, we all need to be working together and using our influence, small or big, within the outdoors industry to work towards a more inclusive outdoors. We need to actively engage in anti-racism work in the outdoors.

As CEO of AdventurUs Women I pledge to:

  • provide and support professional opportunities for BIPOC women to guide, lead, and work within the outdoor industry,
  • commit to continuing our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) education and be open to learning,
  • create marketing and advertising media that centers and elevates underrepresented voices and stories,
  • engage with and support organizations and businesses that are committed to

increasing access to the outdoors for BIPOC communities.

By joining the pledge I look forward to being held accountable on our own DEI work and having the opportunity to collaborate with other brands working towards an inclusive outdoor industry.

Saveria Tilden

CEO & Founder

The Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge Mission

We are the new outdoor industry.

We walk, we run, we ski, we bike, we sit, we fish, we hunt, we surf, we swim, we laugh, we camp, we boat, we climb, we hike, we learn, we enjoy, we reflect, we suffer, we grow, we celebrate, we protect, we love, we care about our outdoor spaces and the opportunities they provide and we’re here.

We’re inspired to use our shared voice for change. It’s time for the outdoor industry to make a bold step towards diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s time to elevate people of color and other marginalized identities.

You can learn more about the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge here.

AdventurUs Women Mission

AdventurUs Women is a women-led company dedicated to providing opportunities for women of all ages, races, sizes, backgrounds and experience levels to learn new skills and try outdoor activities in beautiful environments. We strive to create affirming learning environments that encourage friendship and skill building while connecting with nature in stunning locales.

As a company and a community, AdventurUs Women is intent on supporting other women both in their outdoor journey and as professionals. To that end, whenever it is possible, we commit to promoting and partnering with companies that are owned and operated by women. By prioritizing hiring women guides, developing robust community standards at our events, and committing to ongoing learning about social justice and inequity, we are committed to creating an inclusive space at AdventurUs Women, and to be advocating for access and inclusion in outdoor recreation at large.

You can learn more about AdventurUs Women here.