Black History Month

Black Women Who Are Changing the Outdoors


Black History Month: Black Women Who Are Changing the Outdoors

February is Black History Month and we want to highlight some amazing Black women making an impact in the outdoors.


Michelle & Kenya Jackson-Saulters are the dynamic duo behind The Outdoor Journal Tour. They specialize in bringing the healing power of the outdoors to women.  

In their own words:  “The idea for the Outdoor Journal Tour and our  signature event #wehiketoheal was born out of a desire to help women learn the importance of “praying with their energy”, actively moving into alignment with their goals and living as if they already embody them.

The Outdoor Journal Tour and #wehiketoheal are designed for women who want to dive deeper into their personal development but are bored with traditional self-help methods. Participants will have the opportunity to explore scenic landscapes and hiking trails while being guided through an empowering (and customized) personal discovery process that uses physical activity, journaling and meditation as healing tools. The process includes daily writing prompts, engaging exercises and weekly guided meditations. If this sounds good to you we look forward to welcoming you into the community!” 

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Meet Latasha - the artist behind Jitterbug Art and our favorite Plein Air art teacher.  Tasha’s artwork is inspired by the outdoors and her collaborations with brands like Merrell are working to make the outdoors more inclusive. You can support Tasha through purchasing her artwork and/or joining her patreon. Tasha will be teaching her popular watercolor class at our Summer Escape Retreat.

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Nicole Snell is an advocate for hiking solo and works tirelessly to empower folks to enjoy the outdoors safely through self defense training and her outdoor defense video series. 

In her own words: “ I'm a dynamic, award-winning international speaker, facilitator and self-defense expert specializing in sexual assault and violence prevention education, gender based violence prevention, personal safety and empowerment self-defense. I am committed to ending violence in all of its forms by educating others with self-defense skills and advocating for change. I believe in social justice, equality and that everyone has the right to walk through the world feeling safe, powerful and confident. 

My mission is to empower women and people of all gender identities around the globe to live their lives  fearlessly! 

As an outdoor enthusiast, solo adventurer/traveler and hike leader, I want to use my skills to encourage others to expand their world, explore and do what brings them joy. Without limits.”

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Want some travel inspiration? Follow Irene aka The Black Hiking Queen. Her Instagram is full of inspiration to get outdoors including hiking tips on where to go, what to bring, and the overall  joy of the outdoor experience. 

PC: @blackhikingqueen Instagram

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