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5/4 @ 6PM PT  - Fundraiser supporting WOC Who Summit! For anyone seeking to create community and wanting to be more confident outdoors.  



Join Nash Maz, one of the WOC Who Summit team members, as she leads this workshop focused on curating community and confidence outdoors. Before we can create community outdoor we need to understand: > What are the current barriers to getting outdoors and how do we combat them? > What does sharing the outdoors look like? > How do we foster inclusivity? Getting outside can be intimidating at first. Nash will also be sharing tips on how to get started on your outdoor journey: > What kind of gear do you need... or not need. > What are the 10 Essentials and why should you have them. > What is Leave No Trace and why is it important! THIS WORKSHOP IS A FUNDRAISER AND ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO WOC WHO SUMMIT!


WOC Who Summit Fundraiser Overview

WOC Who Summit Fundraiser Overview

Eleven women of color from WA, OR and CA are participating in the American Lung Association's Climb for Clean Air to summit Mt Tahoma (Rainier). The WOC.Who.Summit group will be the first all women of color team to participate in this fundraising climb since the program began 35 years ago! It was created to have women of color come together and bring awareness to the disproportionate effect of lung disease on communities of color and, further speaking, to being the minority in mountaineering.

Fundraising Donor  Incentives

Fundraising Donor Incentives

AdventurUs Women is supporting WOC Who Summit ALL MARCH LONG! Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive $100 off May events with AdventurUs Women! Donations of $1000 or more to be entered to win $500 off an Escape in Bend, Oregon on May 12-15! For these donations please go to: action.lung.org/goto/WOC-Tahoma


Nash Maz

Nash Maz

Growing up in WA from as early as I can remember, I have a special spot for the beauty of the PNW in my heart. I feel privileged to have been able to travel internationally and continue to love Washington as much as I do. And yet, it took me over 2 decades to experience the beauty first hand rather than be a spectator! After getting bit by the hiking bug, I became very single minded about creating my story in the outdoors. 

Over 200 some hikes later and I am a confident hiker, backpacker, and mountaineer! Having this experience but also, working in the nonprofit sector for my entire career, I have witnessed a lot of unintentional/intentional elitism present in the outdoor spaces. I desperately want to create safer spaces for communities of color to join and feel prepared. Further, I want to bring attention to environmental racism. This means being an agent of change in the climate crisis and serving as a good steward for the Earth - so our future generations can see the beauty I am privileged to experience! 



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