Announcement: Getting Back by Giving Back

Announcing an exciting new benefit to the AdventurUs Women STAR Membership program


Giving back to our communities and the world is a fundamental component of being an AdventurUs woman. When we not only express but embody our values every day, we get one step closer to living in the world we dream of–one of liberation, fulfillment, and health for the planet and its people. AdventurUs Women is excited to announce a new perk to the AW STAR Membership program: getting back by giving back. If members submit proof of 50+ outdoor-related volunteer hours, they will be enrolled in the brand new Pro Deal Program. The Pro Deal Program includes awesome deals from 30-50% off over 100 outdoor brands that we use every day during our adventures on and off the trail like Arc’teryx and Mountain Hardware. Sign up for the AdventurUs Women STAR Membership program today to get started.

While there are no limits to the kinds of volunteer opportunities members may pursue, we encourage you to get outside and be involved in conservation and restoration efforts that make the outdoors more sustainable and accessible for all. 

A great place to get started finding volunteer efforts near you is the Americorps website. Simply enter your zip code and find something that calls to you. Another way to get started is to search for trail restoration efforts within your local state or city parks, Audubon Society, or arboretum. The outdoors are all around us, even in urban areas. We all have areas of specialization that can be used to give back. By contributing our labor to our local outdoors, we ensure its longevity and accessibility for generations to come.

As an exciting way to kick off this new membership reward, AdventurUs Women is teaming up with American Hiking Society and Southeast Conservation Corps on a Volunteer Vacation in Tennessee from April 18-24, 2022. In one of the outdoor gems of the Appalachian mountains, the Lula Lake Land Trust, you’ll have the unique opportunity to contribute to trail-building using local rock formations. This is a great way to learn outdoor rock-related skills like armoring, trail hardening, crush filling, moving, and shaping. Surrounded by beautiful rock formations, waterfalls, and sweeping views, the Volunteer Vacation will be a chance to reset, give back, and connect with a group of women who, like you, value the outdoors enough to recreate in and care for it. Member attendees of the Volunteer Vacation will be automatically eligible for the Pro Deal Program and get the sweet benefits that come with it. Sign up now!

All photos courtesy of Southeast Conservation Corps.